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Age of Warring Empire

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Welcome! This is Age of Warring Empire official forum!

Please choose the suitable forum to post your thread~!

Communicate with others(交流討論):Communication Area(經驗討論專區)

Ask for help or meet trouble(尋求幫助): BUG Area(BUG專區)

opinions and suggestions(意見建議):Suggestions and opinions Area(建議意見專區)

PS: You could get the forum gold only by helping others. And if you get many forum gold , you could get some game gold ~


Communication Area(經驗討論專區)

Here you could talk about everything with other players. Game experience , skills, functions and so on.

1170 / 9448

BUG Area(BUG專區)

If you meet trouble or BUG in the game ,or find some bugs  in the game , please write here.

912 / 5522

Suggestions and opinions Area(建議意見專區)

If you have great ideas for our game ,or just think that there is something should be better , please write here.

934 / 4392
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