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Ant Instance

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1 - At what level I can already start participating instances?
A: You can now start up in instances at level 09, in the case of easy tingling, which is the first mission, it appears level 09 up to level 11.

2 - The tingling instance has its own weapon, as bugou has the boomerang, the Piatan the spear and the castle head of cattle?
A: Well we have the weapon bow and arrow, which in the first versions of the game was used, but the turn card is not possible to get weapons in this instance.

3: And clothes, the tingling instances allows us to get atravéz her clothes?
A: No, unfortunately, tingling instance does not provide us with clothing or hats.

4: What fc necessary for me to pass the anthill?
A: This can vary if you are alone, you need a slightly larger fc, which really counts is your life TBM and its attributes, the indicated level would be a weapon
6+ for easy level and level 8+ to the normal level.

5: I can start tingling instance the final stage?
A: Yes, as well as all other instances, you can start the final stage.

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